"the log cabin was introduced to America in 1638 by the Swedish colonists of the Delaware River valley, who were familiar with it as a type of structure used in northern Europe."

"After 1718, the Scotch-Irish introduced the log cabin throughout the American backwoods. By the time of the American Revolution it had become the characteristic frontier dwelling. "

"Log construction reappeared on the American landscape when westward expansion reached the timbered Rocky Mountains."

"Among the many famous Americans born in log cabins were Presidents William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant."

"One reason the log cabin became the typical dwelling of the American pioneer, during the westward expansion, was that it was so well adapted to frontier conditions, the log cabin could be built by one person with a heavy ax and a hunting knife."

"The walls followed the simplest rectangular plan and were formed of rough logs laid horizontally, jointed at the corners, and chinked with mud and moss as protection against the wind."

"The roof, either pitched or slanted, was made of roughly hewn flat slabs of wood. Usually the cabin had only one door, hinged with wooden pegs."

"Windows were generally covered with greased paper, because no glass was available; shutters were attached with wooden pegs. "

"The floor was often made by beating down the earth on which the cabin stood, or it was composed of the flat sides of halved logs, called puncheons."

"Log cabins were often built by community effort, the occasion serving at the same time as a social event. Settlements in danger of Indian attack frequently were arranged in an easily defensible rectangle and included a fortified log blockhouse."
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drop cap people everywhere are coming to appreciate the enduring quality and value of log home ownership.­ Many are rediscovering this timeless American tradition. These unique structures combine economy of maintenance and utilities with natural rustic beauty.

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For over 30 years Fuller Log Homes has distinguished itself by offering affordably priced, quality log structures. We believe in giving you the options and flexibility necessary to assure your complete satisfaction. You may choose from any of our existing home plans or design a unique plan of your own. We provide shell constructed homes, or, if you prefer, log home kits, which may be delivered anywhere in the United States. Our main interest is providing you with an original, unique, energy-efficient log home at the lowest possible cost.

As president of Fuller Log Homes, I am personally committed to helping turn your dreams into reality. Please feel free to call or come by if you have questions or need assistance.

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